The Sponsorship Handbook – Summary & Book Review

May 6, 2011


The Sponsorship Handbook is a response to the changing face of sponsorship, not only outlining new challenges and possibilities within the topic, but demonstrating clear practical advice on how to make it work.

It shows those on both sides of the divide how quickly the recession and the rise of the “experience economy” has moved from displaying logos and giving away some event tickets to a tool used by companies desperate to have positive interaction with consumers on an almost personal level.

The book will helps students, new entrants to the field and managers to do their jobs more effectively and to be able to show measurable improvement in the results.

Review by Martin Laurence – News/Features Editor, iSportconnect

Reading and reviewing the Sponsorship Handbook as a complete novice led to a well-taught lesson in the dos and don’ts of a fast-growing and increasingly competitive industry. The book is a primer for those entering the sponsorship business but should not be overlooked as an invaluable reference and reminder to those already in the field.

What struck me about the book is not only how well it had been resourced and written by both Pippa Collett and William Fenton, but the importance of the structure and fantastic use of case studies, questions and learning points in order to obtain as much knowledge as possible from two of the industry’s leading pioneers.

The unique way in which it teaches parties from a sponsors and rights holders perspective is key in not only ensuring that you are best placed to come to decisions, but also that you learn and understand the way in which the other party is operating to lead to an eventual, amicable outcome which suits everybody.

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