Rajasthan Royals to Open New Cricket Development Centres after New Deal

By Community | December 6, 2012

KOOH Sports have secured a new partnership with Rajasthan Royals, prostate the winners of IPL Twenty20 inaugural tournament, to set up cricket development centres across India.

Through this new partnership, KOOH Sports, an innovative and structured organisation engaged in imparting sports education in India, will leverage the experience of seasoned sportspersons to nurture talent at the school and community level by providing them a specialised learning environment to coach them in cricket.

These centres will be set up within select school premises and provide a focused curriculum at an affordable price point. They will cater to kids between 5-19 years of age across various skill levels. In the coming months, KOOH Sports plans to roll out such cricket development centers all across the country.

“At KOOH, it is our endeavour to elevate the state of sports in the country through various innovative programs. The creation of sports development centres is one such offering and will focus on core cricket skills alongside physiological, nutritional and psychological needs for kids taking up the sport,” said Prabhu Srinivasan, CEO, KOOH Sports.

“We are excited to partner with Rajasthan Royals as this initiative will cut across the standard learning programmes and will draw on the knowledge of experienced professionals to help kids take on a sport and pursue a career in it,” Srinivasan added.

Rajasthan Royals CEO, Raghu Iyer, was equally enthusiastic about the partnership and said, “We at Rajasthan Royals are really happy to join hands with KOOH Sports to roll out development centers across the country. We are also extremely happy that KOOH Sports has the backing of TCS and HDFC, both of whom have been our long-standing sponsors.”

“This initiative is another validation of the fact that we are keen for kids to take to cricket as a part of their lifestyle, as we believe sports teaches a lot of life skills,” he said.