Nike Continue to be the Official Ball for Serie A

November 8, 2011

Nike have extended their agreement with Serie A to be the official ball for Serie A, Italian Cup and the SuperLeague until 2015.

The renewal of the contract was signed yesterday and approved by all 20 clubs and will be signed soon by Serie A President Maurizio Beretta with the Italian branch manager of Nike Andrea Rossi.

According to the latest agreements between Italian football and the company that provides sports products, each team will have more balls of A, a type for the winter and one for the rest of the season.

The League, will be given a grant of Euro 4 million ($5.5m) a year for a total value of the Euro 4.7 million ($6.5m) a year. “It’s a major deal and I am pleased to point out that it was voted on by all 20 companies, who then confirmed their satisfaction with the product,” said Beretta