NHL looks set for Vegas

June 16, 2016

NHL looks set to be heading to Los Vegas, as they appeared to edge out Quebec City in the franchise expansion plan.

The league’s board of governors will hold a formal vote during its meeting on June 22, but insiders suggest that Vegas has done enough to earn the new franchise – the NHL’s 31st.

A possible stumbling block though is the rumoured $500 million fee that must be paid to the league.

The new franchise would be aiming for an introduction into the 2017-18 season, although it could well be the year after.

The last time the NHL expanded was in 2000, with franchises going to Minnesota and Columbus.

The proposed franchise would play in the new T-Mobile Arena on the Vegas strip.

If they can get the deal signed, it will be an important expansion for the NHL, as the NFL has long eyed up a franchise based in the city.

The Oakland Raiders have been trying to relocate to Vegas – but are still several steps away from turning it into a reality. 

It follows a major push to bring more sport to the city – a Grand Prix appears close, as well as their bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.