IOC President Thomas Bach Welcomes Rome Delegation

July 16, 2015

The IOC President Thomas Bach today welcomed Rome’s 24-strong delegation to the IOC’s headquarters in Lausanne for a day of positive talks, which emphasised the city’s public support and unity.

The day-long seminar was part of the IOC’s new invitation phase for potential host cities, introduced as part of the IOC’s Agenda 2020 reform programme.

Undersecretary of State Claudio de Vincenti, Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino, Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) Secretary General Roberto Fabbricini and the General Director of the Rome 2024 Committee Claudia Bugno led Rome’s party, which also included experts from the fields of transport, urban planning and business development.

Mayor Ignazio Marino outlined how Rome’s bid for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics would look to blend tradition and innovation – a concept in keeping with the IOC’s own principles for the Games.

Mayor Marino said Rome’s bid would be focused on leaving a sustainable legacy for the city and would make the most of the facilities and sporting infrastructure which already exists. Many of the venues Rome will use for the 2024 Games will utilise facilities built for the 1960 Olympics – the last time Rome hosted the Games.

Mayor Marino said: “64 years separate Rome in 1960 and the city we want to present in the world in 2024. We are once again at a crossroads and our proposal will celebrate Rome’s special history and culture but be both modern and innovative.”

He added: “We will not build cathedrals in the desert, we won’t allow a waste of money or work.

“We are not going to overbuild. We are going to develop what already exists. Rome is ready for these challenges – we want to use the Games to build a modern city.”

Undersecretary of State Claudio de Vincenti, representing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, pledged the full support of the Government for “all of the activities of the Rome 2024 Committee” and stressed the country’s unity behind the Rome bid.

He said: “The Italian people and citizens share the same commitment and the vision of an edition of the Olympic Games that can embrace the entire country, spreading and sharing the Olympic values from Rome to Milan, Venice, Genova, Florence, Naples, Palermo and all the other cities. The 2024 Olympics would be the games of Italy hosted by its Capital.

“The Italian bid aims at enhancing the Olympic project highlighting its uniqueness, sustainability, reliability and transparency: a project that Italians will be proud of.”

In her technical presentation to the IOC, Rome 2024’s General Director Claudia Bugno emphasised the bid’s commitment to launching a completely transparent Financial Master Plan funded by public as well as national and international private investments. The presentation also set out how Rome has been closely studying and analysing previous Olympic hosts.

She said: “I believe that an organization that could efficiently mix private and public resources could have the chance to transform the candidature into a real opportunity for the socio-economic development of the City, the Region and the entire country.

“We are committed to a unique Festival of Sport that can encapsulate the best of the Olympics, of Italy and of Rome: from art to innovation, cultural heritage to education, sporting excellence to beauty and the Italian lifestyle.

“As with the 1960 Games, which transformed Rome and the Olympic movement, we are looking to launch short and medium term initiatives which will leave a legacy for the city, even in the next two years.”