Ghana Olympic Committee Name Former Triple Jump Champion as New President Through Controversy

October 31, 2011

Ghana Olympic Committee have appointed Former African triple jump champion Francis Dodoo as their new president under the watchful eyes of armed guards.

The 51-year-old Dodoo, order who competed at the 1992 and ’96 Olympic Games, viagra order has pledged to bring stability to the GOC after Ghana was suspended from the International Olympic Committee earlier this year because of government interference.

But soon after Dodoo won the election, vcialis 40mg Frank Appiah, who was voted out as first vice president, told The Associated Press he would be part of a group filing protest with the IOC, saying the vote was “not properly conducted” and held when some of the candidates had left the congress venue.

Ghana was suspended by the IOC in January after then-president B.T. Baba was voted out in favor of Dodoo in an election allegedly influenced by Ghana’s government, which apparently favored Dodoo.

Ghana made changes to its legislation to go in line with IOC rules, which do not allow governments to interfere in the elections of sports bodies and the country was readmitted to the Olympic body in August on condition it hold a new vote.

The latest vote, which started on Saturday and ran into the early hours of Sunday, was overseen by Joao Manuel da Costa Alegre Afonso of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, who was an observer for the IOC.

Afonso was forced to suspend the session late on Saturday, with delegates shouting at each other over disagreements with nominations for various positions and armed security guards watching to keep order during the congress in an Accra hotel. The session resumed after 2 1/2 hours to elect Dodoo the head of the Ghana Athletics Association as GOC president.

Dodoo won 38 votes against two for Kojo Adu-Asare and none for Emile Missodey in results announced on Sunday. Baba was stepping down as president and not on the ballot.

Deborah Cubagee was elected first vice president with 39 votes to one for Appiah, but Appiah claimed afterward the voting process was unfair.

“We shall make a protest to the IOC because the election was held after some of us who had nominated ourselves to stand for position had left the congress grounds,” he said.