Exclusive: Sepang International Circuit CEO Unsure of Future F1 Involvement

November 26, 2012

Razlan Razali, pills the CEO of the track which hosts the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix, bronchi has raised doubts over whether the track can continue to host the race beyond the end of its current contract in 2015.

Talking exclusively to iSportconnect, Razali said “I think it is too early to even think whether we are going to go beyond 2015.

“I think it is important that Formula One Management (FOM) and Bernie Ecclestone to assist us promoters to emphasise getting more spectators to come to the circuit, right now, there are so many restrictions on what promoters can and cannot do.

“I think for the event to be successful and to even consider the event going beyond 2015, and paying lots of money to Formula One, FOM must help the circuit to try and allow us to do as much as possible to get spectators to come to the circuit.”

Razali then went on to argue that the start-time for the race (recently pushed back to facilitate European views) would have to be put back to an earlier time if the race is to continue. He said “put it this way, in the event that we decide to go beyond 2015, I think there are various key points that we insist upon having before we even talking about going beyond in 2015, including the starting time.”

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