Chinese Sportswear Manufacturers Relying on Olympic Boost

By Community | August 6, 2012

Sportswear manufacturers in China that are loaded with unsold stock from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and now battling weak domestic demand are using the London Games to market their products.

Athletes from 10 teams, as well as members of several Olympic committees, are wearing Chinese companies’ sponsored clothing.

Peak Sport Products is the sponsor of uniforms and shoes for the Opening and Closing Ceremony for the Olympics squads of New Zealand, Iraq, Slovenia, Algeria, Jordon, Lebanon and Cyprus.

Peak Sports Products founder and Chairman, Xu Jingnan said: “The domestic market is full of uncertainties this year, but the overseas market offers better opportunities.”

361 Degrees agreed deals with several Olympic committees, including Belarus’s and Croatia’s.

The Erke Group is the sponsor for the Olympic national delegates of South Africa, Iran and Uzbekistan.

361 Degrees VP Zhu Chenye said that no clothing manufacturer “would consider missing the exposure offered by the Olympics – no matter how high the sponsorship cost. The teams and athletes you sponsor this year will be very likely to decide what partners you are going to work with at the next Olympic Games.”{jcomments on}