BOA Chief Executive Admits Debts are Likely this Year

June 20, 2011

British Olympic Association (BOA) chief executive Andy Hunt has admitted that the organisation is likely to fall back into the red this year, despite staying out of debt in 2010.

Hunt stated that the body’s plan was for this loss to be cancelled out by the profit that should be generated in Olympic year in 2012, adding: “When you look at those two financial years, our business plan actually says it will break even.

“Our plan is to break even over the 2011-2012 period.”

Hunt added that the BOA plans to go to market with rights for the next Olympic quadrennium, running from 2013 to the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, this coming September.

He claimed that the BOA’s partnership with the London 2012 Olympic organising committee was “stronger than ever”.