Annecy Signs LVMH Partnership to Consolidate Supporter Status

May 13, 2011

The Annecy bid team hoping to be named as host of the 2018 Winter Games has signed a new partnership with the LVMH/Moët-Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group.

Marc-Antoine Jamet, Secretary General of the LVMH, Eric Marechalle, CEO of Kenzo and Charles Beigbeder, President of Annecy 2018 were all present in reaching an agreement consolidating LVMH’s decision to become an Annecy 2018 Supporter.

Through the partnership, Kenzo, an LVMH brand, will offer its expertise to the bid committee by tailoring the delegation’s look to further strengthen Annecy 2018’s identity.

Bernard Arnault, President of the LVMH Group, stated: “The creative passion and spirit of enterprise that drive the men and women of the LVMH Group are the essential to our success. These are values that we share with Annecy 2018. I am happy that with the same qualities and the same desire for excellence, the Annecy bid committee is claiming a success it is sure to achieve.”

Beigbeder said: It’s a great reflection on the bid that a high-profile, global brand like LVMH has chosen to partner with us. It’s an example of the platform Annecy can provide for the Winter Games to help raise its profile worldwide. They believe in our vision of an authentic Winter Games in the heart of the mountains, with the athletes and for the future.

“Through this partnership, LVMH is bringing us both financial support and value in kind assistance. It is a great honour for the entire Annecy 2018 delegation to be able to wear suits by KENZO, reputed for its savoir-faire and the great quality of its products.”

Marc-Antoine Jamet added: “As an ambassador of the European and worldwide art de vivre, it was natural that we should support the bid of a major French region which combines the culture of sport and performance with the quality of the local environment to form a venue second to none.”