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Why No Code Apps Are Here To Stay

November 21, 2023

It was a long time ago that one needed to know coding to build an app. Thankfully, we have moved on from that era as no-code tools are here to stay, and they’re powerful enough to let you build almost anything you can think of without ever typing function(). 

Still, professional sports organizations have built their high quality apps with custom code, because No Code Mobile App Builders haven’t been suited to such advanced solutions. That’s why building a high-quality sports app used to be a luxury only the big players could afford – that’s not the case anymore.

Choicely App Builder is used to build high quality apps for professional sports and media organizations like ITV, International Judo Federation, and AFTV (Arsenal Fan TV).

Choicely has written an eBook on “Growing Digital Fan Engagement & Revenue With No Code Sports Apps” which describes how modern sports apps can be built without any code, and what kind of features the app can have.

Download the eBook to learn:

1. What is no code, and how you can build smart, high-quality apps with it

Many custom-coded apps have the risk of becoming legacy tech. They’ve been customized over time, but at some point updating the code of the app becomes so complicated and expensive that the app becomes a roadblock to innovation.

No code development solves many of the technological challenges and risks that traditionally come with custom-coded apps. 

No code solves many problems of custom-coded apps. For example, they are expensive and slow to build and launch.

According to Choicely’s estimate, a professional sports app with some advanced features can cost 74% less when built with no code

These apps can be highly automated so the required updating is minimal – For example, one of Choicely’s sports customers gets about 10,000 hours in user engagement for every 1 hour they spend on the app.

2. How you can grow fan engagement with interactive tools

Active engagement with fans is crucial – fans who have an emotional connection with the brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

The eBook shows some interactive fan engagement tools like voting, rating, surveys, and polls.

AFTV is a great case example of a brand that actively engages with their fanbase.

3. How to monetize your fanbase with an App

There are plenty of monetization opportunities in apps, beyond ticketing, merchandise, and sponsorships.

No Code and more affordable apps make reaching positive ROI easier to grasp. You can estimate your app ROI with a calculator like the one on Choicely’s site.

The eBook presents a case studies like Helsinki Cup, the 2nd largest junior football tournament in Europe and Choicely’s work with the International Judo Federation.

No Code reduces the risk of failure – you can build your app piece by piece, see a demo version of your app first, make adjustments at a low cost, launch when you’re happy – and make changes flexibly even after that.

The visual and comprehensive 34-page eBook contains case examples and concrete ideas for building a modern sports app without coding.

Learn more about the eBook and download it on Choicely’s website.

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