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“Gen AI is a CXO priority”

November 28, 2023

EXL recently organised a Sports and Media Analytics Meetup in New York which was attended by 20+ sports leagues, clubs and media conglomerates, more than 250 analytics leaders and had 6 expert panels and informative sessions.

With a focus on cutting-edge subjects such as gen AI, data privacy, data cleanroom, and fan experience, the event delved deep into the intersection of technology and sports. Through engaging discussions and presentations, the event fostered a collaborative environment for the exchange of ideas and the advancement of analytics.

The focus was that for Sports & Media companies to successfully navigate the evolving industry landscape, they need to embrace the change & adapt to new realities, obsess over fan experience and optimize every touchpoint, ask the right questions and separate signal from noise.

EXL provided a sneak peek into the Insights Harbor product, which spans the Communication, Media, and Entertainment industry. 

Outtakes from Panel Discussion: Gen AI in Sports & Media: Is it the most significant event of the 21st Century?

  • Gen AI will have a transformational impact on society, industries, and daily life as the advent of electricity.

  • The impending wave of Gen AI is poised to complement the workforce rather than displacing it.

  •   Bias in the data, IP concerns and data governance issues are the key challenges for Gen AI solutions.

  • Early applications in the industry are focused on accelerating insight generation and improving organizational efficiency while taking a cautious approach on implementation in customer facing applications.

Presentation: Gen AI Industry Trends and EXL Sports Data Analytics Solution

  • According to 250+ EXL client conversations, Gen AI is a CXO priority.

25% of organizations are setting up infrastructure and conducting proof-of-concept trials

50% of organizations have started developing AI strategies and prioritizing use cases

  • Gen AI can be used in the sports industry to enhance fan experience through hyper-personalization and aid in insight generation.

  • EXL showcased the Sports Data Analytics Solution (SDAS) for Sponsorship Insights and a Conversational BI tool.

From Data to Discoveries: Harnessing Graph Neural Networks for Business Decision-Making

Within the Sports and Media industry, Graph Neural Networks can be used to build customer behavior profiles, enhance content recommendations, optimize influencer marketing, and zero-in on password sharing.

Panel Discussion: Unlocking Synergy- Empowering Clubs to Reimagine Fan Engagement

  • Data cooperation between leagues and clubs enables the development of a customer 360 view, enhancing personalization, targeted marketing, and CRM strategy formulation.

  • A balance between actionability, accuracy, and turn-around time is key for the adoptability of centralized solutions at scale.

Panel Discussion: Fan Experience & Personalization in a noisy world: How can data and analytics help?

  • The high emotional engagement of fans mandates a carefully crafted personalization strategy in the sports industry.

  • Varied and evolving fan behaviors, along with ever-increasing engagement avenues, shape the context for personalization.

Presentation: Data Clean Rooms (DCR) & Collaborative Intelligence: Pioneering Privacy First Innovations

  • Key use cases for DCR include audience segmentation, lookalike modeling, personalization and funnel optimization.

  • Data encryption, differential privacy, scoped access, and auditing are best practices for laying the foundation of DCR.

  • These best practices enable the generation of valuable insights while ensuring the protection of sensitive information and the maintenance of data integrity.

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Analytics EXL sportsbiz