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Case Study: How The Popular Arsenal Fan Media AFTV Built An Engaging Mobile App Without Any Coding

October 31, 2023

 AFTV is a popular online fan media dedicated to the supporters of Arsenal FC. In 2022 they expanded their impressive digital media portfolio to a branded mobile app – which they built without coding.

AFTV (formerly known as ArsenalFanTV), a football fan media for the supporters of Arsenal F.C based in the UK and, created in 2012 is packed with fan interviews and inside stories of one of the best football clubs in recorded history.

Created in October 2012 and founded by former BBC reggae radio host Robbie Lyle, AFTV now has 1.6 million YouTube subscribers with 1.4 billion views, and several million followers across its social media channels in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X.

The only thing left for AFTV was to come up with an engaging mobile app. With fan apps, you can collect user data, such as favourite teams, players, and leagues, enabling you to deliver personalised experiences to your fans.

AFTV hired Choicely to do the same for them.

The AFTV+ app was built using the Choicely no code mobile app builder. AFTV can use the same platform to edit and update their apps in an agile way. The AFTV+ app also publishes content from their video and social feeds automatically.

As to how Choicely helped AFTV, Brett Best, CEO of AFTV says, “It is a plug and play solution that can handle constant changes and updates, without the heavy expenditure into our own tech and platform.  So it has great flexibility with low risk and quick turn sound times.”

Brett further describes Choicely software as “very easy” and adds, “Think of it as Wix for Apps. Build your own and deploy. If you are not a tech first company, then I would highly recommend them.”

Millions of AFTV fans now can download the AFTV+ mobile app for iOS and Android and enjoy their favorite content, stats, vote for their favorite players, rate player performances, chat in fan chat groups and much more.

The app places the fan in the center, offering highly mobile optimized experiences and real time information delivered with streams and push messages directly to the users. It offers all content from across AFTV’s social media channels as well as bespoke shows, early windows on top content and a series of unique features, like:

 Topical Polls – enables AFTV to test the audience’s opinions and feedback and provide brands the best opportunity to deeply engage with fans themselves.

 Match Predictor – Gives the fans the ability to test their prediction skills against AFTV’s top influencers and gives brands a way to integrate into the conversation before & after the whistle has blown.

These features, amongst others like Chat, Line-Ups, and Augmented Reality provides AFTV with an unparalleled advantage over their competition. 

Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said, “We are super excited and humbled by the trust given to us by the AFTV team. Working with the AFTV team has been a journey as their ambitions are sky high, and we’ve actually upgraded the Choicely platform capabilities to facilitate some new cool stuff. Also, we’ve integrated multiple external technologies to the app by awesome partners. Choicely is already serving the leaders in sports and entertainment with their mobile app builder and this is another great success story presenting the quality of our platform.”

You can try the AFTV+ app for yourself by downloading it from Google Play here or the App Store here.

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