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MLS sees Brand Health scores soar thanks to Apple TV deal and arrival of Messi

August 10, 2023

For this week’s Brand Health Index powered by YouGov, we are turning our attention to the MLS. Since the arrival of the great Lionel Messi, the league is back on our radar.

Messi has sprinkled some serious stardust on the league and clips of his various goals and assists have gone viral.

Inter Miami’s game against Dallas FC in the Leagues Cup sold out in just ten minutes and the second-hand market ticket saw tickets being sold for as much as $20,000. Last week we covered the demand for Messi jerseys that has swept across the States.

Inter Miami managing owner Jorge Mas has said that the club’s revenues are expected to double over the next year.

Away from Inter Miami, 25 of the 28 teams have seen their Brand Health score increase in the past year. The biggest winners are New York City FC, Los Angeles FC and Inter Miami CF. 

All three are in some of the biggest markets that the US has to offer and places that are always going to be appealing to some of sport’s biggest stars.

We are in the first season of the MLS’s ground-breaking media rights deal with Apple, worth $250 million a season, the partnership has given Apple exclusive rights for worldwide distribution for the next ten years. If Apple continues to increase its portfolio of sports properties it will only benefit the MLS because it will be easily accessible to more viewers.

The three losers are Houston Dynamo, Columbus Crew and the Montreal Impact. The Dynamo and Crew have both seen a decrease of rating of 0.4 and the Impact have decreased by 0.1.

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Brand Health Index Inter Miami MLS YouGov