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March 22, 2023

We are just seven days away from the start of the Major League Baseball season. So this month our Brand Health Index powered by YouGov is taking a look at each of the 30 teams to see where they rank. 

Think of Brand Health as a combination of ingredients that include perception, reputation, reviews, awareness and popularity. So where are the stories? 

The Chicago Cubs – What is surprising is that they have landed themself in second place, they currently have the highest brand impression among the US population. YouGov defines Brand Impression simply as whether or not you have a positive or negative impression of the team. The Cubs ended their 108-year title drought in 2016, finally vanquishing the curse of the Billy Goat which had been hanging over the team since their finals appearance in 1945. Unusual to see loveable losers doing so well.

Fans in the UK will be pleased with the Cubs coming over to play in the 2023 MLB London Series. The Cubs are taking on their rivals, the St Louis Cardinals, at London Stadium on June 24-25. England cricketers Harry Brook and Issy Wong both put down their cricket bats and gave Baseball  a go last week. Brook said: “The basics are very similar. Having a strong base is one of the things I picked up, for sure. Your rotation of your hips and trying to use them for power and the legs too.”

The Houston Astros – Despite winning the World Series last season they find themselves languishing in 15th place out of the 30 teams. Houston is the 4th most populous US city but this clearly doesn’t offset the 2017 cheating scandal they got embroiled in that involved them using technology to call signs. 

The New York Yankees – No story here as unsurprisingly they top the rankings with the highest Brand Health Index. They are not only the most successful team in MLB history, they are also one of the most famous teams in all of sports so this is hardly surprising. 

Los Angeles Angels – Have moved up the Index despite not having won much of note for 20 years but they have the popularity of two of the best players in the world on their roster. Shohie Ohtani and Mike Trout – who literally went head to head in the World Classic Baseball Trophy this week (the effective World Cup Final). This is a clear sign of individual players having huge influence over a club’s positioning. When players move the fanvase can often move with them….

Take a look at the full Index below, what has jumped out to you?

The YouGov Brand Health score is decided by the six metrics below: 

Impression – Overall, of which of the following teams do you have a positive/negative impression?

Quality – Which of the following teams do you regard as prestigious/non-prestigious?

Value – Which of these teams do you think is worth/not worth the time spent following or supporting?

Reputation – Which of the following teams would you be proud/embarrassed to work for?

Satisfaction – Which of the following teams make you feel satisfied/dissatisfied as a fan?

Recommend – which of the following teams would you recommend/not recommend a friend or family member follow or support?

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