Zone3 Sponsors Optima Racing Team

April 25, 2013

British wetsuit brand Zone3 has renewed its sponsorship of London triathlon team, decease Optima Racing Team.

The deal will see Zone3 support the entire roster of Optima Race Team athletes. The team/club coached by James Beckinsale, order recognised as the Triathlon London Coach of the Year has a revolutionary ethos that ‘everyone trains together’.

The Zone3 Optima relationship first started in Zone3’s early years with its involvement in the London League Race Series, denture of which the Optima Race team won the 2012 title and are looking strong for a repeat performance. This year Zone3 will be continuing that support, and maintaining its involvement in Optima and triathlon in the Greater London area.

When asked why James Beckinsale chose Zone3 over so many other brands, he said “I am not one to go in for gimmicks, as a coach I can only endorse stuff that works. Quite a few of my athlete’s race at the sticky end of triathlon on the ITU & ETU circuit; therefore I cannot afford for them to lose one second to ill designed kit. Thus we tried the Zone3 wetsuits and tri suits and without doubt, they are the best we have used.”

Olympic level and ITU stage triathlete Gillian Sanders, a prestigious member of the Optima Race Team, will be continuing to wear Zone3 for the 2013 season. She said “I can’t wait to get to the start-line. Wearing the Zone3 Vanquish, it has definitely helped me with my training to get me where I need to be for selection.

“Living and training in the UK, a wetsuit is a necessity in the chilly open water venues. The Vanquish really is the most comfortable and efficient wetsuit I have ever used.”

Craig Wood, said “Optima Race Team is a very special club (the only club in the country with a current Olympian, Gillian Sanders training within a UK club set up); and I really think we’re going to see some spectacular results from the team. Hopefully the added help from Zone3 can provide the team, club and associated triathletes with a competitive edge.”

Zone3 is an up-and-coming British brand that was established back in 2008 by ITU triathlete James Lock. Since then the brand has grown from strength to strength – with a recent launch in, leading endurance sport market, the US.