YOG Medal Ceremony Postponed Post WW2 Bomb Scare

January 20, 2012

The discovery of an unexploded World War Two bomb postponed the medal ceremony at the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Innsbruck, Austria.

The 250kg (550lb) aerial explosive was found at a construction site just blocks from the IOC main hotel.

The bomb was defused by sixty-five police staff over a period of four hours.

The area around the discovery spot was cordoned off and the plaza set to hold the medal ceremony was closed.

Innsbruck police chief, Markus Auinger, believed such precautions were necessary because there had been a significant threat to public safety.

“We had to make police lines around the area and spent half an hour evacuating people from nearby buildings”.

International Olympic Committee head of communications, Mark Adams, said “I must admit we weren’t expecting to have a Second World War bomb”.

It is believed that 10 bombs have been found in the region over the past twenty years.

Adams continued, “It’s a shame, obviously. It’s the first Winter Youth Olympic Games and it’s really important to celebrate the medals but we thought it best to cancel.

“Safety, particularly of the athletes is at the core of everything we do”.

The medals ceremony will be rescheduled.