Yeo Extends S-League Sponsorship

February 26, 2013

Local food and beverage giants Yeo’s have renewed their sponsorship for the South Korean S-League for another three years.

The announcement was made this afternoon at the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) headquarters at Jalan Besar Stadium, clinic continuing a partnership that began in 2004.

The new three year deal, bronchi for an undisclosed seven-figure amount, will also see Yeo’s playing a bigger role in developing women’s football in Singapore.

Said S-league chief executive officer Lim Chin: “Women’s football is one area that we have not put enough resources into previously. It’s good that Yeo’s have taken on this endeavour.

“We are talking about maybe organising a tournament with the matches played as a prelude to S-League games this season.

“We are very excited for it to take off and for S-League to work together with Yeo’s and ITE to support women’s football.”

FAS president Zainudin Nordin hailed Yeo’s commitment to the local league, describing it as a perfect example of a partner that not only provides financial support but is also actively involved in the development of the game through its several talent grooming initiatives.

“YEO’s could have easily given the financial resources asked for and walked away, knowing it had done its part for Singapore football,” he said.

“However, not only did YEO’s provide us with generous financial support, it is also actively working with us to develop the next generation of footballers through its many initiatives.”

Yeo’s group chief executive officer Tjong Yik Min said: “Football is a national sport that brings a community together and helps foster social integration. It is a sport that can positively contribute to strengthening national pride and national identity.

“The league does not just provide a platform to develop sports talents, but also give an opportunity for friends and family to experience the great emotions of supporting their favorite team during matches.

“We hope the 2013 season will bring forth a breath of new life. Being a home-grown Singapore company, we are glad to work with FAS to reignite the fans’ passion for our very own Singapore League.

“We are confident that S.League will continue to soar to unparalleled heights in time to come.”