Worldlink Sport to Reach 39,000 Teams on Club Website

July 24, 2012

Club Website Limited have announced that Worldlink Sport has signed Heads of Agreement to become Club Website’s Official Betting and Gaming Partner.

The deal will begin on August 1, prostate | 2012 and will see Worldlink Sport become the ‘Official Betting and Gaming partner’ of Club Website, which provides websites for some 39,000 teams across the UK.

Worldlink Sport will provide dedicated desktop and mobile applications together with its licensed betting brokerage partner, Bet Butler, who will enable users of Club Website to access the best available odds across more than 60 bookmakers. Under the Heads of Agreement Worldlink Sport is required to make certain upfront payments to Club Website.

Speaking about the new partnership, Director of Club Website, Richard Stenson said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome Worldlink Sport as one of our key partners.

“They have impressed us not only with their product but with their commitment to generating revenue for grassroots football and we are looking forward to building a successful relationship with them.

“It further demonstrates the appeal of our business model and rapidly growing user base to blue chip companies.”

Neil Riches, of Worldlink Sport added: “I am thrilled to be announcing this ground-breaking partnership with Club Website.

“We are looking forward to providing users of Club Website not only an enhanced betting experience, but a percentage of revenues will ultimately go back to grassroots football which is a fundamental part of our business model and offering to sports teams and fans.”

Worldlink Sport is the sport and gaming company that is owned 51% by property and football entrepreneur Andrew Ellis, and 49% by Worldlink, which is one of the UK’s leading real-time mobile applications companies with patented technology that allows information held on the mobile device to be updated automatically without the need for a manual refresh.

Information is delivered via a mobile telecommunications network in real time, whilst intelligently minimising the bandwidth required to transmit the data. The technology is patent protected in the US and UK and is patent pending in Europe. Worldlink has already licensed its patents to leading institutions in the financial and technology sectors and is furthering this process in the UK, US and Europe.