World Squash Federation Introduce New Marketing Campaign ‘Back the Bid 2020’

November 1, 2011

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is launching a new marketing campaign titled Back the Bid 2020′ to tap into the huge support that players, fans and corporate organisations are showing towards Squash’s campaign to get the sport into the Olympic Games by 2020.

WSF President, N Ramachandran said: “With individuals and companies expressing an interest in playing a part in supporting our Olympic campaign, we felt now was the right time to provide an opportunity for them to do so through Back the Bid 2020.

“I have been struck during the years of my Presidency what an enormous reservoir of goodwill there is for our sport, especially from our huge playing community across the world. They all are keenly interested in where squash is and what we are trying to achieve – and I’m often asked ‘how might I help?’.

“‘Back the Bid 2020′ is designed to provide exactly that opportunity,” added Ramachandran.

“Inclusion in the Olympic Games would be a huge opportunity for Squash, especially for youngsters who will come into the sport – and the feedback we have had from fans world-wide since launching our 2020 Olympic campaign in July has been phenomenal. Many just want to play their part and ‘Back the Bid 2020′ will enable them to do so.”

Everyone who contributes to the ‘Back the Bid 2020′ campaign will automatically become a Friend of World Squash, the ongoing linked WSF programme.