Mike Golding Sailing Sustainability Agenda 2030 World Sailing World Sailing Annual Conference

World Sailing begins drafting of Sustainability Agenda 2030

September 6, 2017

World Sailing’s Sustainability Commission has taken the first steps to creating a ‘Sustainability Agenda 2030’ following their first meeting in London from 29 to 30 August 2017.

The leading group of experts, chaired by Mike Golding OBE, was brought together for the first time to discuss key issues relating to sustainability within sailing.

Discussions and presentations were received on the circular economy, ocean plastics, boat and equipment construction, event logistics, embodied carbon, vessel strikes of marine fauna, accessibility, gender equality, and supply chains.

Following the identification of risks and opportunities, eight objectives to drive the strategy have been set. These include:

  • Protect and enhance sailing’s waters and the wider water environment
  • Promote research into the impact of sailing on the environment
  • Encourage a robust approach to sustainability across the sports and its supporting affiliated industries
  • Minimise World Sailing’s carbon footprint and promote resource efficiency across the Sport
  • Create a sound economic base for World Sailing and the Sport
  • Provide and promote safe and collaborative working environments
  • Develop diverse and inclusive operations, promoting sailing in an open and accessible way to increase participation
  • Communicate the benefits and importance of sustainability and facilitate stakeholder engagement in the delivery of this strategy

World Sailing will present its ‘Sustainability Agenda 2030’ to the World Sailing Council for adoption at the World Sailing Annual Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in November 2017.

Furthermore, working with key stakeholders and members, World Sailing plans to create a central resource base which will showcase sustainability related tools, documents, and information that is accessible to a global audience.

After the meeting, Golding commented, “It is remarkable to think about how much is already going on [with sustainability within sailing].

“We’re looking across the board from the social side of the sport, the environmental and then, of course, the technology. In every area, there are opportunities to improve the sport’s sustainability.

“When you’re thinking as far ahead as 2030, you can really be quite ambitious with your objectives. I think we’ve tried to be realistic with what we can achieve, yet ambitious at the same time.”

Mike Golding Sailing Sustainability Agenda 2030 World Sailing World Sailing Annual Conference