World Cup to Provide Significant Boost to Qatar Economy

By Community | December 20, 2010

A new report released by the National Bank of Kuwait on Sunday 19 December stated that the World Cup 2022 in Qatar will provide a significant economic boost to the national and its neighbouring countries.

The study revealed that Qatar’s significant construction programme ahead of the event will have a knock-on impact on other countries in the Middle East. According to the report: ‘Hosting the World Cup will set tight deadlines, create extra spending, bring in new expertise and present additional motivation and incentives’.

Among the infrastructure projects planned include a $25 billion metro and rail network, a $7 billion deep water port, a $10 billion international airport at Doha and a $4 billion causeway linking Qatar and Bahrain. $20 billion is also set to be spent on building and expanding Qatar’s road network.

A further $4 billion will be spent on 12 state-of-the-art stadia with air conditioning. The study added that Qatari officials have pledged to add 90,000 new hotel rooms before 2022, surpassing the 65,000 demanded by FIFA.


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