Women’s National Basketball Player’s Association Signs Official Blog Partner

July 30, 2013

The Women’s National Basketball Player’s Association (WNBPA) has entered into a partnership with SportsBlog.com for professional players to connect to their fans through own blogs.

The initiative — which is open to all current WNBPA members — creates the largest network of WNBA player blogs in history, and can be accessed at SportsBlog.com/Players.

“The goal of the WNBPA is to support and create opportunities for its players on and off the court,” said Pamela Wheeler, WNBPA’s Director. “Through our partnership with SportsBlog.com, players get sponsored to blog, grow their platform and connect with fans. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.”

The basketball players join the thousands of bloggers, NFL players and other professional athletes who are already using SportsBlog.com. The site allows anyone to start a Sports Blog, as well as participate in monthly contests and the site’s easy-to-use revenue sharing program.

“This partnership will give fans a rare glimpse into the lives of some of their favorite WNBA stars, and demonstrates the skyrocketing interest in women’s basketball,” said Roy Dano, SportsBlog.com’s CEO. “We’re passionate about working with the WNBPA to empower their players, and to help bring women’s athletics to SportsBlog.com’s global audience.”

As part of the new partnership, SportsBlog.com will also power the official blog of the WNBPA.