WODSuperStore Sponsors CrossFit Games Athlete Becky Conzelman

May 10, 2013

WODSuperStore.com has announced their sponsorship of CrossFit Games athlete, treatment  Becky Conzelman through the beginning of 2014.

The partnership will allow WODSuperStore.com to be exposed to a growing number of athletes who participate in CrossFit and will also provide support for an athlete like Conzelman to pursue her passions within the sport. 

“The addition of WODSuperStore.com as a sponsor to my current relationship with Reebok will allow me to commit the necessary time, order in and out of the gym, to reach my goals,” said Conzelman. “As the sport and level of competition grows, so does the time commitment and need for this kind of solid support from a sponsor to succeed.”

Billy Doherty, Director of Marketing at WODSuperstore.com, explained, “As part of our goal to support the community, we are looking to work with athletes who are pursuing their passions within the sport. Becky is not only a world-class athlete, but also the type of person whose personal values align with our brand. We feel it’s a true win-win.”