Wiggle to Title Sponsor Pro Women’s Cycling Team

December 13, 2012

Online sports retailer Wiggle have become the new title sponsor of a women’s pro cycling team headlined by 2012 Olympic champions Laura Trott, Dani King and Joanna Rowsell.

In announcing the 3-year deal deal team manager/owner and 2010 Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, Australian Rochelle Gilmore, was quick to point out the advantages.

“Women have traditionally ridden for contracts as little as one-tenth of what the men earn,” Gilmore said.

“If you want to get the best out of an athlete you need to provide them with what they need—and all too often funding shortfalls mean women cyclists are not provided what they need.

“Our team philosophy is all about the athletes. The deal with Wiggle.co.ukenables us to provide better salaries and the supportive environment our athletes deserve and need so they can reach their full potential.”

Chief Executive of Wiggle, Humphrey Cobbold, shares Gilmore’s philosophy.
“Wiggle is all about providing the best,’ Cobbold said. ‘It’s a privilege to support Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling. We look forward to playing a pivotal role in supporting this tremendous group of athletes and hope that our partnership will motivate future female cycling champions the world over.”

Wiggle’s support will extend to providing the team with custom dhbtechnical cycling apparel and cycling luggage – dhb is one of the UK’s leading cycling apparel and accessory brands.Wiggle’s dedication to providing Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling athletes with comfortable, yet functional clothing is seen as a hugely valuable addition to the team.

Dual Olympic Champion, Laura Trott said: “We are very privileged to have the support ofWiggle – a global project which has the aspiration to raise the professionalism of women’s cycling.”

Adam Ryan, Head of Brand Marketing at Wiggle, added: “The development team for the dhb brand and I are excited to be working so closely with these incredible athletes to ensure we are producing the best possible apparel to suit their needs. We expect to learn from their experiences at competing and winning at the highest level in professional cycling to help improve ourdhb customer offering even further from its already well-established position as one of the world’s leading cycling apparel brands.”

Wiggle joins Honda Motor Europe as principal partners, with the team also enjoying the backing of The Bradley Wiggins Foundation and British Cycling.