Werder Bremen Extend WIESENHOF Sponsorship Until 2016

By Community | February 7, 2014

Bundesliga team Werder Bremen have renewed their partnership with Germany’s leading poultry brand, WIESENHOF for a further two years until 2016.

The extension was negotiated by Werder Bremen’s marketing partner Infront Sports & Media, the company that has handled the team’s Main Sponsor rights package since 2008. Werder Managing Director Klaus Filbry and WIESENHOF Chairman of the Board Peter Wesjohann are looking forward to continuing the partnership.

Klaus Filbry said: “The current cooperation has been beneficial for both sides. Werder has an economically strong and reliable partner at its side and WIESENHOF has been able to demonstrate that being courageous and stepping out onto the public stage through image association within the Bundesliga was the right move.”

Peter Wesjohann praised the partnership: “We enjoy being able to present ourselves on this most diverse platform. Bundesliga football at Werder Bremen is very emotional – it is associated with down-to-earth qualities, strong regional roots and responsibility. There are many similarities between the two partners.”

Wesjohann describes the achievements thus far as follows: “Initially, when the partnership began two years ago, we were looking for a marketing platform that allowed us to address the general public with industry issues, such as how to reconcile increasing requirements in food production with sustainable manufacturing of poultry across Germany, in an objective way. Through our Werder Bremen sponsorship we aim at publicly disseminating our realistic solutions scenarios and increasing the popularity of products such as the WIESENHOF ‘Privathof’ concept, which is certified by the German Animal Protection Association.”