Wembley Favourite to Host 2013 CL Final After Success this Year

June 16, 2011

Wembley Stadium is the front-runner to be named as the venue for the 2013 Champions League Final by European soccer governing body UEFA following the successful staging of this year’s final which saw Spanish giant Barcelona overcome Manchester United 3-1.

UEFA will make the decision at an executive committee meeting today, June 16, and Wembley is believed to be favourite to regain the right. The Football Association’s 150th anniversary in 2013 may persuade UEFA to return the game to the stadium.

Wembley’s hosting of this year’s final was a resounding financial success and as well as being a commercial triumph for UEFA, it also proved to be simple in terms of organisation, with no need to book extra marquees for hospitality events or media or any issues about technology.

If Wembley is chosen, some tickets are likely to be cheaper in 2013 after UEFA president Michel Platini apologised for the high cost of tickets to this year’s event, stating they would consider introducing a cheaper category for families for future finals.

Platini admitted at the time: “It was a mistake, it was not good. But it is not easy to decide the price of the tickets in the Champions League final.

“Perhaps in the future we have to have another category for families that is less expensive. But if you put those on the black market how much will they cost?”