Warner Insists CONCACAF Presidential Backing is Undecided

May 11, 2011

Jack Warner, the president of CONCACAF disgraced by allegations from former FA chief Lord Triesman yesterday, May 10, has insisted that the organisation has still not made its mind as to whether to back Sepp Blatter’s re-election at the upcoming FIFA ballot.

Speaking on local television in his native Trinidad, Warner claimed that CONCACAF’s position was not finalised, despite having repeatedly made it clear that the confederation, which has backed Blatter on both previous occasions, would vote as a bloc on June 1.

When asked about his endorsement of Blatter, Warner stated: “Who say so?”

Warner said he had not yet heard the proposals of Blatter’s opponent, Asian Football Federation president Mohamed Bin Hammam.

After being denied a visa to attend the CONCACAF congress in Miami last week, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president, Mohamed Bin Hammam is due to meet a majority of CONCACAF’s 35 members later today.

“Fair play suggests that [Bin Hammam should have his chance],” said Warner. 

“If that was the case [that Blatter has won my support], I would have endorsed Blatter in Miami. 

“Bin Hammam is coming here to put his case to 30 of us, and why we should support him.”

The CONCACAF president, who is also a FIFA vice-president, says bin Hammam still has time to win him over, adding: “While he is my colleague and I’ve known him for a long time, I want [him to tell me] how he would do things differently.”

“How would FIFA benefit, how in four years’ time we could have a better FIFA. If you could tell me that, then of course you could have me.”