Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Granted Stadium Development Plans

December 7, 2012

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats have confirmed that full outline planning permission has been approved by the Secretary of State for the Newmarket Development.

The development, erectile which will include a 12, health 000 capacity community stadium of which the Wildcats will be anchor tenants, sick had outline planning permission provisionally approved in June following a public inquiry into the development.

Upon the further information requested by the Secretary of State being received, outline planning permission has now been fully approved.

The stadium at junction 30 of the M62 is expected to be complete in time for the Wildcats to take their place as anchor tenants at the beginning on the 2015 season and will be owned by the Wakefield & District Community Trust, also providing much needed sporting facilities for the district.

A planning inquiry into the development took place during December 2011 after the initial application was called in 2010, with ultimately the only opposition coming from Leeds City Council who cited the use of greenbelt land and a possible blurring of the boundaries between Leeds and Wakefield for their opposition.

However, the Local Development Framework report freed the land at the former Silkstone Colliery site from greenbelt status, enabling it to be available for commercial use and also rejected the claims that any development on the site would significantly erode the boundaries between the two cities.

Wildcats Chief Executive James Elston commented: “This is great news and another huge step towards better sporting facilities for the District.

“There has been a lot going on behind the scenes since the planning permission was provisionally passed in June and with this being rubber stamped by the Secretary of State we’re now well placed to take that on further and create a really secure future for this club.

“This news coupled with record membership sales of over 4,000 and going into 2013 on the back of a play-off appearance means that we’re at a really exciting point in the club’s history and everyone associated with the club can look forward with real optimism.”