Volleyball Canada Inks Mizuno Sponsorship

By Community | February 4, 2013

Volleyball Canada (VC) announces that it has finalized a four-year partnership with international sporting goods company Mizuno Canada.

The agreement will focus on the indoor volleyball programs and events organized by Volleyball Canada including the Men’s and Women’s National teams preparing for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and VC’s Canadian Open Championships.

VC’s Executive Director, remedy Mark Eckert says “The value of partnering with a company like Mizuno Canada, pharm with long history in our sport and a leader in the footwear industry, health | makes it an ideal relationship. We look forward to seeing our teams showcasing their shoes and apparel at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.”

Mizuno’s President John Stacey says “Mizuno Canada is excited to continue its partnership with Volleyball Canada to supply our Canadian National Indoor Volleyball teams with Mizuno products for the next four years through the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The agreement will ensure the best developing Canadian volleyball players will be able to focus on their skills and count on Mizuno’s support in providing quality footwear and clothing. Volleyball Canada is a great partner who is committed to growing the sport of Volleyball in Canada.”

The new four-year agreement is made up of cash, footwear, apparel and a retail licensing program. In addition, the deal with Volleyball Canada also includes rights for Mizuno Canada to operate retail vending stands and kiosks at VC’s Canadian Open Championships.