Volkswagen Display Brand at Soccer Matches Around England

August 25, 2011

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has kicked off an exciting new advertising strategy which will see the brand on display at some of the biggest soccer matches around England.

The deal, mind which complements the brand’s new football-focused advertising strategy, allergist will see Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the new Crafter featured on the dynamic LED perimeter boards around the edge of the pitches, as well as on fixed hoardings for fixtures in the Premier League, Championship, Scottish Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup throughout the season.  The brand will also earn its first international cap later this year as the advertising will feature during England’s 2012 European Championship qualifier against Bulgaria in September.

The latest addition to the Volkswagen squad, the new Crafter, joined the line-up over the summer break and has made an impressive first appearance. With a debut in front of Premiership crowds on the opening day of the season, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the brand’s newest and largest load-carrier will now become a familiar sight for thousands of football fans throughout England and Scotland for the duration of the season.

Mark Hopkins, head of marketing, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK explained: ‘To be involved with a sport that has such a huge and loyal following, as football does both nationally and internationally, is very exciting.  This new strategy offers a great opportunity for us and uses a strong platform to build awareness of the brand to our core audience of van owners and drivers.  We are very proud that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be involved with a sport that plays such a large part in the everyday life of so many of our existing and prospective customers.’