Viasat1 Obtains Premier League Rights in Ghana

September 17, 2013

Ghanaian TV network Viasat1 has acquired the broadcast rights to the Barclays Premier League for the remainder of the season.

As part of the deal, medstore the Modern Times Group company will show one game each week as well as a highlights show from the rest of the league with the coverage beginning at the weekend.

The network have been sublicensed rights to the league from SuperSport which bought the rights to show the Barclays Premier League across South Africa, pills Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa until 2015/2016.

“We want to give our viewers the best – and we have now decided to reclaim the ‘best of football’,” said Charlotte Gustavsson, Chief executive of Viasat1.

“We have really missed football this past year since we lost Champions League. Football is after all, the number one sport in the world.”