Verivox Renews Deal as Main Sponsor of SV Sandhausen

By Community | May 15, 2014

Bundesliga 2 club SV Sandhausen has signed a new deal with main sponsor Verivox, ailment an energy comparison portal.

The deal, brokered by Infront Sports & Media, will see Verivox continue to advertise on the shirts of the 2. Bundesliga club across all competitions. In addition, the Heidelberg-based company will get comprehensive advertising space at home matches in the Hardtwaldstadion – including rotating and static boards in the TV-relevant areas. The package will be completed with extended promotions and activation rights around the team. Furthermore, Verivox has increased its hospitality contingent for the upcoming season.

Peter Dürr, Chief Marketing Officer of Verivox, commented on the continuation of the successful partnership: “We are delighted by the strong performance of SV Sandhausen in the 2. Bundesliga. We are confident that the team with its personnel increase will continue to be successful in the next season. Our staff and customers share the excitement with the team.”

Jürgen Machmeier, President of SV Sandhausen, expressed his pleasure with the extension: “The collaboration with Verivox was excellent during this season. SV Sandhausen is very pleased that this partnership will continue. Together with Heidelberg-based Verivox we will continue providing professional football to the Rhein-Neckar region.”

Reinhardt Weinberger, Managing Director of Infront Germany, commented: “Due to the regional proximity, Verivox can activate its main sponsorship of SV Sandhausen in an ideal way and maintain an intensive interaction with fans, employees and customers. The company will further extend this presence around the club in the coming season. In addition, Verivox positions itself permanently on a national level, due to the regular TV visibility and stable sportive performance of SV Sandhausen.”