Verbruggen Re-Elected as SportAccord President

April 11, 2011

During Friday’s, April 8, SportAccord General Assembly, Hein Verbruggen was re-elected for another four year- term as President of the organisation.

Hein Verbruggen has been heading SportAccord, formerly GAISF, since 2007 and will now continue in his role until 2015.

Verbruggen stated after the election: “I want to thank all the delegates for your confidence and trust placed in me. With your confidence and trust, I will continue to give my commitment to you. Although we have achieved many things, we still have a  lot of work to do. I am looking forward to developing new ideas and projects together with you.”

Pat McQuaid (Union Cycliste International) and Espen Lund (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) have been appointed to the SportAccord Council. Pat McQuaid will replace Tamás Aján (International Weightlifting Federation) and Espen Lund will follow Fumio Morooka (World Flying Disc Federation).

The International Federation Icestocksport (IFI) was approved as Full Member meaning that SportAccord now has105 Members in total.