Venyu Sponsors Kiteboarding’s Triple-S Invitational

By Community | June 6, 2013

Triple-S Invitational, the world’s largest and best professional kiteboarding competition, which is already in full flow has announced Venyu, a leading provider of business continuity, cloud services and battle-tested data recovery solutions, as a new sponsor of the event in North Carolina.

The 8th annual Triple-S Invitational is a prestigious, progressive week-long competition that features the best high profile kiteboard riders from all over the world. This unique, by-invitation-only event, held at the internationally recognized #1 place to kiteboard around the globe, encourages riders to take risks and try new tricks as they compete in Surf, Slicks and Sliders disciplines to win the overall Triple-S Crown. Triple-S also features seven parties with seven bands, and all events are open to the public.

An extreme sport that combines wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics, kiteboarding involves harnessing the wind with a large controllable power kite and propelling across the water on a kiteboard, similar to a small surfboard or wakeboard, at speeds up to 70 miles per hour, and 50-60 feet in the air.  Kiteboarding started in Hawaii in the mid-1990s and has grown to be a serious global industry, with the International Sailing Federation ISAF and International Kiteboarding Association IKA reporting the number of kitesurfers in 2012 to be estimated at 1.5 million persons worldwide.

“Venyu is proud to promote an active lifestyle and an atmosphere of learning and competition through its Triple-S sponsorship,” said Scott Thompson, CEO, Venyu. “With its many corporate and executive participants, this event is a perfect example of how the business community can support the proliferation of such an exciting sport.”