3D Digital Venue Coronavirus

Venue Business Intelligence Solution Created By 3D Digital Venue To Solve COVID-19 Crowd Issues

April 27, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has directly impacted our lives and our lifestyles. The Sports and Cultural events sector has not been an exception to this great impact. In a matter of days, they had to close their doors for security reasons, disrupting fan engagement, leading to significant economic consequences as a result of these massive cancellations.

Now is the time to start thinking about recovery strategies for when the institutions allow the events to resume, while respecting health measures. That’s why 3D DIGITAL VENUE has developed the service VENUE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE in order to achieve maximum efficiency when seating their clients, maintaining the safety distances recommended by health institutions.

VBI consists of a web application focused on managers of Sports and Cultural venues. Through a graphic environment, those in charge of the venue can access to virtual reconstruction and perform, in a visual and interactive way, different types of simulations. VBI aims to offer support to decision making and the implementation of new business models to maximise the revenue of the venues through the crisis of COVID-19, helping venue owners to achieve the most profitable scenario to reactivate the sports and entertainment industries.

VBI has the ability to propose new seating layouts for venues, respecting the safety and security recommendations of 1,5 (one and half) meters of distance. The system will allow you to enable several configurations and to easily adapt to different events via automatic algorithms on the fly. Another key feature is the event calendar planner which allows you to register events throughout the season, move them to other dates and associate a certain venue configuration to them.

VBI will be the best solution to help venue managers to offer to their clients a completeexclusive and safe service, following all the security and safety recommendations.

VIB is born as a unique solution designed for customers to maximise their income during this crisis of COVID-19 and once we are out of this uncertain period, offering all the facilities to make the best decisions having all the information available, as well as having last generation algorithms to address this extraordinary situation with greater efficiency.

3D Digital Venue Coronavirus