Venky’s Deny Kentaro Role in Transfer Budget at Blackburn

December 16, 2010

English soccer club Blackburn Rovers’ new owners, the Venky’s Group, have refuted claims that the club’s transfer policy is being set by sports agency Kentaro.

Less than a month after the Indian poultry firm had bought the club, the new owners decided to sack manager Sam Allardyce who has since claimed that he no longer controlled transfers. 

Venky’s group chairman Anuradha Desai said: “Kentaro are our main consultants but Sam had the final call. But we didn’t even get as far as discussing any names with him.” 

Desai stated that Allardyce’s dealings in previous transfer markets had not impressed the new owners. 

“My father once told me that out of 10 decisions you must get at least seven right – you can get two or three wrong, we’re not gods,” she continued. 

“But to get nine or 10 wrong is not good and things have been going wrong with transfers – that’s a fact.

“As for Kentaro, they introduced us to the club in August and continue to advise us, but we are talking to a lot of people and we certainly don’t have an exclusive deal with them. All our transfers don’t have to go through them.” 

Kentaro’s role at Ewood Park has been the source of speculation ever since Venky’s emerged as a potential buyer of the Lancashire club.