Vendini to Provide Ticketing for Marist College Sporting Events

September 17, 2013

Marist College has selected ticketing company Vendini to provide their ticketing for all athletics sporting events, including football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

Vendini’s cloud-based platform will control ticketing and marketing from any desktop, at home or on campus. The Vendini Facebook Sales App, and social sharing buttons allow promotion and sharing of events across multiple channels, letting Marist sports fans control their ticketing experience.

“Marist has a large, loyal, and technically savvy patron base,” said Vendini CEO, Mark Tacchi. “We’re looking forward to getting Marist College on board and supplying them the latest technology to power their box office operations. From mobile phones to their box office operations, we’ll simplify the process and scale along with their programs.”

“We are very excited to partner with Vendini,” said Travis Tellitocci, Senior Associate AD/Internal Affairs. “Vendini’s solution utilizes cutting-edge technology to help improve our fans’ ticket purchasing experience. It is important that we provide a great game-day experience for our fans, and that begins with the ticket purchasing process.”

“Their success has clearly fostered a strong community of sports fans,” said CEO Mark Tacchi. “We’re excited to partner with Marist College on integrating our technology with their box office. We want to provide an easy solution for fans and box office staff. Marist gets our vision and we’re thrilled to help offer a simplified experience for their patrons.”

Marist College has joined Vendini’s growing list of University customers including the University of Toronto, the University of Colorado, and Santa Clara University.