ValueBond Launched to Generate Revenue from Digital Media in Sport

By Community | January 8, 2013

A brand new advertising medium is being launched this month which has the potential to fundamentally change the advertising model in sport. Using smartphone technology very small areas of advertising collateral can be leverage 100’s of times over to provide major revenue streams. Not only does this media increase revenue but build a major behavioural database of advertising viewers which provides the very first totally accountable method of advertising.

The ValueBond channel, impotent as it’s known, is the brain child of serial Entrepreneur Gareth Llewelyn and has been developed from trials in the Pharmaceutical industry. Llewelyn states ‘ We are using technology that has only really merged and matured in the past 2-3 years to massively leverage the digital content  on advertising space and provide engaging and sticky campaigns for consumers.’

The ValueBond technology can be applied across many sectors including ticketing, retail, FMCG, Banking, Sport and Publishing. For example wrist bands or tickets carrying the ValueBond barcode can be scanned by a consumer’s smartphones to produce multiple campaigns pre-,  in-, and post-  event and even carry on being active many months or years after the event. Llewelyn says ‘ValueBond gives marketers a new way to engage with event goers by enhancing their experience dynamically in real time.’

There is a large data collection element to ValueBond as each interaction with the barcode leaves a rich data audit trail which marketers can use for post campaign analysis. ValueBond also incorporates a charity element, if required, so each scan of the barcode can trigger a donation from the campaign sponsor to a designated charity. This component is optional but has proved popular in sporting circles.

ValueBond is being trialled in various vertical markets and is set to be implemented in several venues in the New Year. For more information contact