USA Triathlon Announces New Footbed Training Partner

November 1, 2013

USA Triathlon today announced a new Bronze-Level partnership with RPM2, capsule a manufacturer of computerized insoles designed to monitor the training elements of running and biking, through September 2017.

RPM2 will serve as the exclusive footbed training partner for the National Governing Body. USA Triathlon annual members, as well as certified coaches and members of certified clubs, will receive a 10 percent discount through the agreement.

“Our revolutionary technology is aimed at making athletes better, stronger and faster,” said CEO and inventor Johnny Ross. “Helping athletes achieve higher performance through bilateral equivalence is what RPM2 technology provides. Coaches and trainers already recognize that the more bilaterally equivalent the legs are, the better the athlete will perform. Now there is evaluative data in which to base these judgments.”

RPM2 technology specifically measures bilateral leg equivalence in athletes and examines the gait, range of motion and four-quadrant foot pressure of athletes. It is pre-set with five range-of-motion exercises, two gait exercises and two pressure exercises. The system also includes four cycling exercises that contain power meter measurements specifically geared for triathletes and speed cycling.

The data from these pre-set exercises allows athletes and their coaches to customize training plans to meet individual needs. RPM2 technology measures step time, cadence, pace and pressure during the run using the footbed and, based on the measurements, coaches and athletes can adjust training plans and techniques to achieve higher performance.

“We are excited to welcome RPM2 to the family of USA Triathlon partners,” said Chuck Menke, USA Triathlon Marketing & Communications Director. “This advanced technology will allow athletes and coaches to make individualized decisions based on their own unique results and, in turn, will help members of our endurance community make the most of their training.”