US Politicians Express Anger about Olympic Uniforms Being Made in China

By Community | July 13, 2012

US politicians have expressed their dismay about the U.S. Olympic Committee’s (USOC) decision to provide the U.S. team with Chinese-manufactured uniforms while its domestic textile industry is struggling; there are reportedly hundreds of thousands of unemployed textile workers in the US.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid said: “I am so upset. I think the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.”

House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi said: “They should be wearing uniforms that are made in America.”

House Speaker John Boehner also expressed his disappointment. “You’d think they’d know better,” he said.

“Unlike most Olympic teams around the world, the US Olympic team is privately funded and we’re grateful for the support of our sponsors,” USOC spokesman, Patrick Sandusky said in a statement. “We’re proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company, and excited to watch America’s finest athletes compete at the upcoming Games in London.”

Sandusky tweeted that Ralph Lauren “financially supports our team. An American company that supports American athletes.”

The clothing company has not commented on the criticism.

In recent years, the USOC has also faced criticism sponsorship deals with German car manufacturer BMW, when its deal with General Motors ended, and retaining BP as a sponsor after the infamous oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.{jcomments on}