Ukraine Survive Potential FIFA Sanctions

February 10, 2011

UEFA Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine have seemingly avoided the threat of suspension from FIFA and in turn the possibility of losing their right to stage the event, discount after UEFA and FIFA stated on Wednesday that they are “convinced” they will not need to impose a suspension on the country’s football federation (FFU).

Ukraine were warned last week that it faced suspension by FIFA and the loss of the right to co-host the 2012 tournament, ed viagra with Poland, unless it convinced soccer’s two most powerful bodies that political interference in the running of the FFU had been curtailed.

However, senior FFU official Serhiy Storozhenko, who had led the rebellion, insisted last week that demands to unseat national federation president Hrigory Surkis had been dropped, and UEFA and FIFA released a joint statement on Wednesday, February 9, to confirm their acceptance of the steps that had been taken.

The statement read: “Following the information provided by the FFU last Friday…FIFA and UEFA responded on February 8 to the FFU mentioning that the latest developments are seen positively and that this is an important step forward to unify and strengthen football in Ukraine.

“Under these circumstances, FIFA and UEFA are convinced that there will be no need to suspend the FFU, but they will continue to monitor the situation over the next few weeks to have the confirmation that the situation in Ukrainian football is definitely stabilised,” the statement added.