UK Sport Confirms Additional Team GB Funding

By iSportconnect | April 18, 2012

UK Sport has revealed that a £750, medic 000 cash injection is to be funded by Team 2012 presented by Visa programme, unhealthy which will see crucial investment being transferred in the final 100 days of Olympic preparation and 133 of Paralympic preparation, boosting Britain’s hopes of gold medals this summer.

Other investment comes in the huge form of the £312 million from the National Lottery, Government Exchequer and Team 2012 funds into Britain’s sports and athletes for the current Olympic cycle.

It is believed the investment in each sport is roughly equivalent to £1000 per athlete that will be selected for the Games, and, after submitting a business case to UK Sport for this additional money, most sports have opted to invest in three key areas in order to enhance their final preparations; additional training camps and competitions, new kit or equipment and supplementary expertise in coaching, science or medical backup.

This investment in British Olympic and Paralympic sports will play its part in supporting the British team’s preparations for London 2012.

Team 2012 additionally helps to fund support programmes run by the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations and over the remaining days to the Games, fundraising efforts will continue in a bid to ensure Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams are the best prepared in history.

Sir Matthew Pinsent, four time Olympic gold medallist and chairman of the Team 2012 Appeal, said: ‘Team 2012 exists so that, come Games-time, athletes are in a position where they can say to themselves ‘Everything is in place, I’m in the shape of my life and I couldn’t possibly be better prepared.’

‘The extra Team 2012 funding awarded by UK Sport to our Olympic and Paralympic sports today marks the final 100 days of preparation before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and will be used to give our athletes an extra boost. To help ensure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence, we’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts in these crucial final days and hope to raise £20million in total to support the preparations of Olympic and Paralympic athletes this summer.’

‘From providing extra training camps and competition experience, to new equipment or additional sports science and medical support, this money will ensure a fantastic platform on which to send ‘Our Greatest Team’ to the Games.’

Liz Nicholl, chief executive of UK Sport, added: ‘I am delighted to be able to offer our sports this additional investment for them to seek out key opportunities to boost their final 100/133 days of preparation and help give our athletes a winning edge come Games time.’

‘British athletes are among the best funded and supported in the world and UK Sport is hugely grateful to the Team 2012 supporters, as well as The National Lottery and our Government for their incredible support for our ambitions for success at our home Games in London.’