UFC Fighters Agree Endorsement Deals

By iSportconnect | September 19, 2012

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with NOS energy drink.

The deal compliments the Coca-Cola owned company’s sponsorship of UFC’s reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter, as the company venture into the growing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) market.

Arjun Chowdri, Director of Sports and Entertainment Marketing for Coca-Cola, said: “As we looked to expand, we looked at different areas, and MMA was a really ripe opportunity. It’s got that grit, that no nonsense, that high-performance energy that NOS is about.

“As we looked at the sport, we looked at athlete partners, Georges St-Pierre obviously jumped to the top of the list.

“He’s an incredible person, actually came down to our offices and we talked about our brand, he talked about his brand, and we felt like there was a very organic fit around our brand really being focused on mental focus and high performance energy and that’s really everything he does.”

Meanwhile, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has extended his deal with Everlast, originally inked in 2010.

Everlast spokesman Matt Cowan said: “Jon’s dedication and athleticism have transcended the sport and inspired the next generation of fighters.

“As the sport continues to evolve and expand globally, it is fighters like Jon that inspire the innovation and performance of our products.”