UEFA Unveil Champions League and Europa League Revenue Distribution System

August 9, 2013

UEFA has revealed its Champions League and Europa League distribution system for the 2013-14 season, therapy with the estimated gross commercial revenue from the Champions League and Super Cup estimated at €1.34bn ($1.8bn).

Around 75% of the total revenue from media rights and commercial contracts will go to the clubs in the Champions League, which could total at €530m ($709m).

The remaining 25% will stay with UEFA to cover general costs.

A total of 82% of any revenue received from the same stream in excess of €530m ($709m) will go to the clubs, with the other 18% going to UEFA to again cover costs.

The Europa League club share will receive €40m ($53.5m) from the Champions League club share, whilst each clubs in the Champions League play-offs will receive a fixed amount of €2.1m ($2.8m).

The side that wins the Champions League title this term could collect €37.4m ($50m), not counting the market pool share.

Each team involved in the group stage will collect a base fee of €8.6m ($11.5m) and performance bonuses will see €1m ($1.4m) paid for a win and €500,000 ($668,816) for a draw in the group phase.

For those who make it to the last 16, €3.5m ($4.7m) will be waiting for them, with €3.9m ($5.2m) for the quarter-finalists and €4.9m ($6.5m) for semi-finalists. The winner will pick up €10.5m ($14m) and the runners-up €6.5m ($8.7m).

Europa League


Gross commercial revenue from this season’s Europa League, European football’s second competition, is estimated at €225m ($301m).

In keeping with the same model as the Champions League, 75% of the gross revenue from media rights and commercial contracts will go to clubs and the rest used to cover UEFA costs.

The share for distribution to clubs will amount to €168.75m ($225.75m), plus the €40m ($53.5m) from the Champions League that was mentioned previously.

The net amount for clubs will be split 60-40 with €125.25m ($167.5m) in fixed payments and €83.5m ($112m) in variable amounts, which will be distributed based on television markets.

Group stage participants will bag €1.3m ($1.7m) with bonuses of €200,000 ($267,517) a win and €100,000 ($133,758) for a draw – Group winners will net €400,000 ($535,000) and runners-up €200,000 ($267,502).

Teams competing in the round of 32 will collect €200,000 ($267,502) each, clubs in the round of 16 €350,000 ($468,129) each, the eight quarter-finalists €450,000 ($601,785) each and the four semi-finalists €1m ($1.4m) each. The UEFA Europa League winners will pick up €5m ($6.68m) and the runners-up €2.5m ($3.3m).

The most a team could receive in the Europa League is €9.9m ($13.24m), barely comparable to the €37.4m ($50m) a team could net in the Champions League.