Match-fixing UEFA

UEFA Starts Search For Partner To Reduce Match-Fixing

By Community | October 21, 2019

UEFA has begun a search for a company who will help them to reduce match-fixing within their competitions. The organisation has commissioned research to analyse possible structures that will help to combat corruption.

The selected partner will then produce a study best methods to reduce match-fixing, with UEFA saying: “Since 2009, Uefa has established a full-time anti match-fixing unit. Uefa, as football’s European governing body continues to be fully committed to protecting the essence of football’s spirit and is dedicated to combatting the scourge of match-fixing.

“The problem of match-fixing has increased in recent years and, despite the excellent work done, the capacity of Uefa and other sports bodies to fight it has not grown in line with the threat. Sport leaders have repeatedly stated that sport itself does not have the means to effectively counter match-fixing – only state authorities do – which must be done complementarily.”

Match-fixing UEFA


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