UEFA Reveal Champions League & Europa League Payout

By Community | July 13, 2012

UEFA have revealed today the distribution of their payout to clubs both in the Champions League and Europa League League 

A total of €754.1m ($923m) was distributed to clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League last season. The two teams which competed in the final in Munich, Chelsea FC and FC Bayern München, received the highest amounts.

The 56 teams that participated in the 2011/12 UEFA Europa League received payments worth more than €150m ($184m) as a result of UEFA’s revenue distribution system.

Chelsea FC, who won the title after a penalty shoot-out at the Fußball Arena München in May, received €59.935m ($73m) in payments from UEFA. This sum consisted of €29.9m ($36.7m) in participation, match and performance bonuses in the group and knockout stages, including the final, as well as €30.035m ($37m) from the television market pool. Bayern earned a total of €41.730m ($51m): €26.9m ($33m) in participation, match and performance payments, and €14.830m ($18.1m) from the TV market pool.

In addition, €9m ($11m) went to Chelsea for their success in the final, while Bayern earned €5.6m ($6.86m) as runners-up. Other clubs to earn substantial amounts from the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League were FC Barcelona (€40.550m/$49.5m), AC Milan (€39.864m/ $48.78m), Real Madrid CF (€38.434m/$47.03m), Manchester United FC (€35.182m/ $43m) and FC Internazionale Milano (€31.569m/$$38.62m).

The €754.1m prize money allotted to the 32 teams who figured from the group stage onwards consisted of €413m ($505m) in fixed amounts plus €341.1m ($417m) from the market pool. All of the 32 participating clubs received a minimum €7.2m ($8.8m) in accordance with the distribution system, comprising a participation bonus of €3.9m ($4.7m) and €3.3m ($4m) from the six €550,000 ($673,346) match bonuses given per group game.

Additionally, performance bonuses were paid in the group stage: sides received €800,000 ($979,412) for every win and €400,000 ($489,693) for every draw, with Madrid the only club to net the maximum €4.8m ($5.8m). The 16 clubs that reached the round of 16 were each assigned an additional €3m ($3.6m), the eight quarter-finalists an extra €3.3m ($4m), and the four semi-finalists a bonus of €4.2m ($5.1m).

The 56 teams that participated in the 2011/12 UEFA Europa League received payments worth more than €150m ($184m) as a result of UEFA’s revenue distribution system.

Club Atlético de Madrid, winners of the competition, earned themselves just over €10.5m ($12.8m) after coming through the group and knockout stages to clinch the trophy with a fine 3-0 win over fellow Spanish outfit Athletic Club in Bucharest in May. Athletic Club received around €9.5m ($11.6m) for their own splendid run.

Each of the 48 clubs in the group stage earned a participation bonus of €640,000 ($736,376), plus a bonus of €60,000 ($73,421) per group game played, which meant that every club received €1m ($1.22m), irrespective of their results. Performance bonuses amounted to €140,000 ($171,328) per win and €70,000 ($85,664) per draw for each club in the group stage. RSC Anderlecht were the only club to receive the full amount of €840,000 ($1bn) for a 100% record in their group programme.

Each participant in the round of 32 received an extra €200,000 ($244,783), with further progress being rewarded by payments of €300,000 ($367,098) for advancing to the round of 16, €400,000 ($489,446) for the quarter-finals and €700,000 ($856,469) for the semi-finals.