UEFA Releases Champions League & Europa League Distribution Figures

July 23, 2013

The UEFA Champions League and Europa League have revealed today their shared revenue figures with Bayern Munich taking away the spoils.

Munich received €55.046m ($72.73m) in payments from UEFA out of a total of €904.6m which measured participation, TV pool and performance-related revenue.

Munich’s sum consisted of €35.9m ($47.4M) in participation, match and performance bonuses covering the group and knockout stages (including the final) as well as €19.146m ($25.3m) from the television market pool. Dortmund earned a total of €54.161m ($71.56m), which comprised €32.4m ($42.8m) in participation, match and performance payments, plus €21.761m ($28.75m) from the TV market pool.

Juventus received the most at (€65.3m/$86.3m) even though they went out at the quarter-final stage with TV revenue (€44.8m/$59.2m) creating the main upsurge.

Other high earners from the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League were: AC Milan (€51.4m/$67.92m), Real Madrid CF (€48.4m/$63.95m), FC Barcelona (€45.5m/$60.12m) and Paris Saint-Germain FC (€44.7m/$59.06m). Manchester United was the highest English earners in the competition with €35.5m ($46.97m).

While the Europa League distributed a total of €209m ($276.1m).

Chelsea FC, the eventual winners, earned just over €10.7m ($14.1m) after entering the competition in the round of 32 and proceeding to lift the trophy with a 2-1 victory over SL Benfica in Amsterdam in May. Benfica received around €5.7m ($7.53m) for their own dramatic run, which also began at the start of the knockout phase.

Fenerbahce SK received the most distribution revenue in the tournament (€11.1m/$14.7m) with (€6.58/$8.7m) coming from television distribution.

Each of the 48 teams in the group stage were entitled to a basic participation payment of €1.3m ($1.7m). Performance bonuses amounted to €200,000 ($264,221) per win and €100,000 ($132,110) per draw for each participant in the group stage.

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