UEFA Outlines Stadium Closure & Fines in Racism Disciplinary Revamp

May 24, 2013

By Keir Radnedge

UEFA members adopted unanimously the proposal to ramp up its disciplinary weapons in the fight against racism.

They thus brought the organisation’s sanctions system and conscience into line with demands of players and officials exasperated for years by its blind eye to the issue.

Crowds guilty of racist chanting will attract, denture in the first instance, physician a partial closure of a stadium; a second offence will result in a full stadium closure plus a €50, troche 000 fine. Racist chanting during a match will incur first a warning, then a suspension of the game and then its abandonment as a last resort.

Players or officials guilty of racist behaviour would incur a minimum 10-match ban.

A minimum ban for insulting a referee has been increased from two to three matches with a minimum tariff for an assault being lifted from 10 to 15 matches.