Champions League OTT Streaming UCL UEFA

UEFA Looking Into Potential OTT Channel For Champions League

November 25, 2019

UEFA are reportedly looking into creating an OTT service to stream Champions League fixtures.

The interest in this is reportedly coming from the fact UEFA see such little money coming in from the more minor countries covering the Champions League.

Currently, UEFA are having to go through the process of selling rights on a country by country basis, but companies are become less willing to splash huge amounts on the broadcasting rights of sports competition.

Last week BT Sport signed a deal which will see the competition broadcast on their channels in the UK until 2024.

Uefa’s General Secretary, Theodore Theodoridis, said: “For now, we have lots of [broadcast] partners and are looking forward to continuing our partnerships. We just want to be ready. We just want to have alternative options.”

“Traditional broadcasting has been there for sport and for football in general. Now we need to explore, also for the digital side. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Champions League OTT Streaming UCL UEFA